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Our Services

We are a team of highly trained tree care professionals. Investing in your trees creates a more beautiful landscape and adds value to your property. The following are some of the services we perform.


Removing branches (or occasionally roots) from a tree or other plant using approved practices, to achieve a specified objective.

Tree Removal

We have experience using specialized training and equipment to remove a tree safely, while minimizing damage to surrounding property.

Shrub or Bush Pruning

Rather than hacking them back, we use specialized tools to reduce their size while maintaining their natural shape. We can also shape bushes or trees to obtain a desired outcome such as a reduction in size.

Stump Grinding

We can remove a stump after a tree has been removed to plant another tree in its place or have open space or more yard space. If desired, we can replace with sod.

24 Hour Emergency Service

In Montana’s harsh climate it is sometimes necessary for safety reasons or to regain access to your property.

Tree Injections

Tree Injections are a safe way to protect and correct tree diseases while not having unintended consequences to the environment such as killing birds and bees.