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10 Years in Business

My Reflections

Much has changed at Gallatin Tree Care over the last ten years, and in many ways it has stayed the same. In 2007 I started GTC with a pick-up, chainsaw and a desire to better the world though the art of arboriculture. My goals were to always be honest, sincere, and earn a living by practicing arboriculture for reasonable prices.
My goals and values have not changed. Moreover, I have doubled-down on these principles. Over the years I have found we spend less and less on advertising and budget that money for investing in our community by donating to nonprofits in southwest Montana. Intuitively, there is something about writing checks to out of state marketing businesses every month that does not fit in our business philosophy.
My family bought a house on the “Tree Streets” in 2013 and since then I am committed even more to offer our services at reasonable rates. This is because I develop our quotes from a perspective of a homeowner. I focus on what is a fair price for services.
Our commitment to performing the art of arboriculture at the highest possible level is always a top priority. Everyone that works on trees at GTC is a certified arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our arborists attend workshops and continuing education classes every year. This practice professionally develops our arborists and raises the level of care for your trees. You will notice this difference immediately upon the arrival of our crew to your property; true professionals.
What has changed is our market share! We would hope that GTC is considered for every arboriculture job in the Gallatin Valley. The fleet of trucks has grown along with our community presence.
What has also changed is the added emphasis to “Natural approaches to tree health”. We have always had this commitment but less and less we rely on chemical applications for tree health, instead we concentrate the ecosystem surrounding your trees and helping your trees rely on its own immune systems. We do perform trunk injections in cases where appropriate, but certainly all options are explored.
Gallatin Tree Care has been a vehicle for personal growth for me to learn about the world in which we live. Since starting GTC in 2007 I have become a husband and a father of three girls, met a ton of interesting people and hopefully had a positive impact on our community and the environment. It is gratifying to reflect that over the last 10 years GTC has evolved with me as I traverse a variety of life changes.

Get Social with Us

What Makes You Happy?

Happiness is what we all strive to attain in this life, but what makes us happy? When we stop to consider this question we must grapple with some very real questions: What is my role on earth? What is expected of me as a citizen of this land of plenty? “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up?” (Pope Francis, Laudato si’ 2015).
I submit investing in our environment begins to answer these questions. Surely, our urban trees and urban forest is on the front line of those investments. It should be noted spending money is only one way to invest in our urban trees; we all have time and talents we can invest in our urban forest. The urban forest provides us with immense environmental benefits and services. These benefits include absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen to encouraging sustainable transportation. In my opinion, the more valuable benefits urban trees are the benefits that are harder to quantify. These are the social benefits that include community building though planting projects and providing us a place to gather in parks or backyards. The benefits also include the sense of happiness we have when we look at a tree lined street, sit in the shade of a tree on a warm summer day, or pick an apple of a tree.
Urban trees give us a sense of place. This sense of place orients us as to our connection to the earth and our role on it. We are fortunate to have this connection as it makes us more whole as humans. We must respect our urban trees, sit under them often and plant more. It is not by accident that urban forest are in place, much time, talent and treasure have been invested in the urban forest to make it what it is.
The urban forest is our habitat, it is where we live. When we think about the real questions of life we must think about improving our habitat for us and for the ones that will come after us. It is what will make us happy but it is also our duty and is expected of us responsible citizens of our planet.
Taking care of the future by creating a healthy urban forest, you are taking care of the present. Something as small as planting a tree can make you happy.

Our Values

Gallatin Tree Care is committed to supporting and adding to the community of Bozeman though the art of arboriculture. We are passionate about the people and families in Bozeman and surrounding areas. We often donate our services and make donations  to non-profits doing good work, most recently Thrive and Reach inc.   We believe in buying local, especially food and being conscious of where our money is spent. Look for us at Bozeman’s and surrounding areas community events and local happenings. If you are a non-profit please contact Gallatin Tree Care to see how we might be of service to your organization. 

Gallatin Tree Care believes in paying its employees a living wage. Our arborist and ground crew are paid almost double that of other local tree services. By doing this, we have a high level of professionalism and costumer service but also we enable our employees to develop their passions in life though the art of arboriculture. Meaning, they are able to donate their time and talents to causes they believe in with GTC as a vehicle. For example, in the fall of 2013 GTC was pruning trees for Reach inc. free of charge and Duncan, our lead arborist and operations manager, donated his time to GTC to further the mission.

GTC does not have pricey ads in phone books, or even a marketing budget for that matter. We believe our quality of work and our involvement in the community of Bozeman will encourage customers to  “buy in” to our philosophy of business. By choosing GTC for your arboriculture needs, you are choosing to have your trees cared for in the highest possible degree while also bettering your community.

Thrive is a community-based organization established in 1986. At the heart of Thrive lies a preventative, strength-based, empowerment model of working with parents and children. We provide families with the resources, tools, and support to raise healthy, successful children. Our programs have been developed using evidence-based practices, adapted to meet local community needs, and rigorously evaluated to ensure program efficacy. Thrive has developed critical community partnerships built on sharing design, implementation, management, evaluation, financial resources, and responsibilities for programs. This approach, which has the success of the child at its center, results in the highest quality services, maximizes scarce resources, and has a powerful impact on outcomes for children. find out more at www.allthrive.org 

Reach Inc. is a local, private, non-profit organization that’s been providing services to adults with developmental disabilities since 1974. Our mission is to empower the people we serve to attain their individual goals and aspirations. find out more at www.reachinc.org


Meet our Team

Duncan McGovern

Duncan McGovern

Operations Manager and Lead Arborist

Duncan McGovern is a certified arborist and has been with Gallatin Tree Care for three years. After graduating from Whitman College is 2010, he began working for a local tree service in his hometown of Peterborough, NH before moving to Bozeman. Growing up in a small, tree-filled town in New England gave him an appreciation for the importance of trees in any community, and he enjoys the daily work of improving homes, workplaces, and public spaces through his work on trees. When not at work, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including skiing and mountain biking.

Eric Trinward

Eric Trinward

Arborist Support, Head of Grounds Crew and fabricator

Eric is originally from Maine, moving to Bozeman in 2013. Ask him about Maine and you will learn all about it, that is if you can understand what he is saying thought his thick accent.