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Urban Forest Management Plans

Urban forests offer solutions to many if not all of the issues our modern society in faced with. Urban forests address serious environmental issues on our society as well as have  psycho/social benefits that healthy communities need. Urban forests are the foundational city infrastructure that creates a healthy, holistic and sustainable community. Urban forests are a worthy investment for a community because they urban trees pay their investors back exponentially so over the lifetime of the tree. Also, the urban forest is the only city infrastructure that grows in value over time. The urban forest works symbiotically with other city infrastructure like sewers, streets and buildings and has benefits of its own accord. Cities with healthy urban forest have lower crime rates, a healthier citizenry, run more efficiently and the people that live in the urban forest are happier. Period

Scott Makoutz has authored many Urban Forest Management Plans and Emerald Ash Borer Management Plans for private forest owners as well as municipalities. Scott has a unique understanding of what management strategies will work for the population that supports the trees. It is these people that will experience the benefits of the trees they live around. Analyzing what level of investment will yield the greatest return on the investment both politically and monetarily is an essential component of a management plan. Also, finding where the most opportunity for benefits and community engagement exists is part of this strategy to create a successful plan. Scott considers these elements of the plan formation an art and an essential component to a management plan.

Proactively maintaining trees will result a lower cost to the manager. Higher maintenance costs from unmaintained trees will result from a higher amount of storm damage, debris, pests, and branches blocking intersections or road clearance. A lack of regular maintenance results in a shorter lifespan of the tree.  This concept is similar to changing the oil in a car. The car will still run without proper maintenance for a while but in the end, regular servicing will result in a lower cost by avoiding a major breakdown.

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Tree Evaluations

Scott Makoutz authors tree evaluations for people or organizations that have experienced a loss by way of damaged or killed trees. Detailed reports are developed to give monetary values to trees. These reports are designed to be used by insurance companies or used in litigation to give substantiated evidence for precise values of tree or the cost to return the property to parity .


Scott provides expert witness in court cases to educate people of the values of trees. Trees have real values and offer quantifiable benefits. When a tree has been damaged or killed the owner of the tree(s) has experienced a loss and compensation to pre-casualty condition is rightfully owed.

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Other Consulting Services

Scott Makoutz offers expertise in consulting arboriculture in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis of tree and landscape problems
  • Hazardous tree assessments
  • Surveys for insect/disease
  • Development of plant health care treatment plans
  • Training and education programs
  • Tree plant inventories
  • Landscape appraisals
  • Tree ID
  • Tree protection for construction projects.