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Why Gallatin Tree Care

Gallatin Tree Care offers a very high degree of professional arboriculture. Everyone who works on trees at GTC is a certified arborist. Our services are always 100% satisfaction guaranteed. To us, this is standard and aids as a vehicle to peruse other passions that separates us from our competition and makes us unique. These beliefs include:

  • A strong commitment to social justice
  1. We pay our employees living wages, almost double that of industry averages.
  2. We donate 10% of our profits to Bozeman non-profits. especially those who do good work for the under-served in our community and families with special needs.
  3. We are honest in our dealings and provide our services at a fair price.
  • Protecting our environment
  1. We have an extensive knowledge of how the urban forest benefits our community and environment. For example, strategically planted trees will cool your house in the summer though shading, protect your house form heat loss in the winter by blocking the wind, filter the air of particulate matter and trees aid in combating climate change by absorbing CO2.
  2. We plant trees and donate many plantings to organizations who have similar missions.
  3. By educating the public about the benefits urban trees and risks posed to them. Check out this news clip: http://www.nbcmontana.com/news/bozeman-looks-to-minimize-risk-of-ash-beetles/26085744

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What People Say About Us

The Gallatin Tree Care crew came to my house yesterday & did some major pruning of our pretty large trees & I just wanted to let you that we are so pleased! The work done was excellent, they guys working were super nice, and our yard was cleaner after you left then it was before you got there. You even carefully moved our Halloween decorations & put them back exactly as they were originally. Thanks so so much - I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Amy Leban
We look forward to working with Gallatin Tree Care again and would enthusiastically recommend to them to anyone in need of tree care!
We bought this house, partly for the beautiful old willows in the backyard. I called Scott, within five minutes talking and looking at the tree together, I relaxed and just trusted him; the way he analyzed the growth, forces and the overall situation just inspired confidence. This first impression proved correct. Duncan, his main guy, actually did the work. Somehow (it seemed mysterious to me how he could do this) he dropped a huge amount of branches and material out of those trees, but ended up with a result that was really beautiful. The same trees, the same look and lines, but much lighter. I was so relieved, and happy. There’s definitely an art to what they do. If you hire Scott and Duncan, you’ll get a couple of true artists who love and understand trees.
PeteHome Owner

Have You Noticed??

That you don’t see a fleet of Gallatin Tree Care spray rigs canvasing the Gallatin Valley with chemicals. Default spraying of trees and lawns is not part of our philosophy of tree care and a healthy environment. Applying chemicals can have its part in tree health  and we weigh all of the options depending on the specific conditions. In our philosophy, spraying tree with chemicals is not the default option, generally should be used for preventative reasons,  and should not be over relied upon.

Gallatin Tree Care specializes is “Natural Approaches to Tree Health.” The trees we take care of are the healthiest in the valley and losing trees to pests does not happen. We focus on enabling the tree to use its own natural defenses against disease and infestations while creating a balanced ecosystem  in your yard. This keeps the good bugs which is essential, like Aldo Leopold Said “Keep all of the parts” when describing a healthy ecosystem. Monitoring trees is an aspect of our philosophy in tree care. Many of the people we work with have a close relationship with their trees and their trees provide a higher quality of life for the people that live around them; Gallatin Tree Care is proud to be a part of that essential relationship.